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Vanadinit Apache Mine 154g

Vanadinit Stufe, Apache Mine, Arizona.


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Schöne kleine Vanadinit Stufe aus der berühmten Apache Mine in Arizona:

The Vanadium shaft is located in sec. 2; other claims continue into sec. 34. Claims extend into sec. 34, T2N, RI5E. Discovered 1875. Produced 1929-1957. Owned/operated by Pfeister Brothers (1913); Edward C. O’Brien & Co. (circa 1930); D.S. McDonald and Frank Chisum (1936-1948); Mrs. Ida McDonald (circa 1950), and being operated under lease from her by Edwin Sikes; the Mercur-King Consolidated Mines, Ltd. (1953); E.J. Sikes; J. Raggio; Fred Goat (1973). Owned by Worley, Sprik, Hunter (1974).

Sie erhalten die abgebildete Vanadinit-Stufe.

1 vorrätig

Breite: 8,5 cm
Tiefe: 6 cm
Höhe: 3cm
Kristalle: ca 1x1 mm
Gewicht: 154 Gramm
Herkunft: USA
Material: unbehandelt.

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